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iCAMView PRO is designed to function more towards Home Automation and not solely as a remote viewer.


The most notable physical difference on iCAMView PRO is the additional RS232 port, which allows it to connect to additional device to expand it's capabilities.  These additional devices are used primarily to receive warning from smoke sensor or door/window sensors, monitor the environment or authenticate an identity before granting access.


The ability to connect to an add-on device makes this version unique.  User can connect to these device to enable additional features.


In addition, the user can also connect the following items to one of the two USB ports;

  1. Wireless USB dongle to connect to a wireless access point.  See list of compatible USB dongle here.
  2. USB Flash for local storage.
  3. USB Hub to increase the number of USB ports available
  4. High resolution USB camera (1280x1024, require firmware upgrade)


iCAMView PRO hardware model:  HCV91  See comparison chart below.



  iCAMView PRO Features (Hardware Model: HCV91)


Additional features in iCAMView PRO:iCV.air

  • Larger LCD display.
  • Plug & View in LAN or WAN (bypass Port Forwarding/NAT & DDNS setup)
  • Just plut a Wireless USB Dongle for wireless access! See list of compatible Wireless USB Dongle here.
  • Resolution supported: 160x120, 176x144, 320x240, 352x288, 640x480, 1024x768 and 1280x1200 (1024 & 1280 resolution require special camera and firmware upgrade.)
  • TWO (or more with add-on*) USB ports for USB PC camera.
  • ONE RS232 port for add-on device*.
  • Advanced Motion Detection; continuous or scheduled.
  • Motion Tracking with a Pan-tilt camera.
  • Digital Pan/Tilt with a static camera.
  • Zoom to Custom Window or resize to update specific areas only.
  • Horizontal Scroll Bar to control digital zoom / resolution.


Features enabled with RS232 add-on:

  • NetFeeler Mini for temperature and humidity reading.  Add smoke, gas and up to 7 door/window security sensor.
  • Use with an Analog-Digital-Input-Output ("ADIO") adaptor for 8 channel Analog Input or up to 16 channel Digital Input / Output.
  • Biometric Sensor for finger print scanning.

To learn more about our Add-on device click here.


Features enabled with USB add-on:

  • Use Wireless USB dongle to connect to a wireless access point.
  • Add USB Flash disk for local storage (with firmware upgrade).
  • Add USB Hub (with firmware upgrade).

To learn more about compatible Wireless USB dongle with iCAMView PRO click here.

To learn more about compatible USB Camera (by Manufacturer) for iCAMView PRO click here.


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  iCAMView PRO Connectivity Diagram:


The following diagram shows how iCAMView PRO interacts with each device to enable a user to remotely check, monitor and view.




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iCAMView PRO Hardware Description:




  iCAMView PRO Hardware Specification:


The following shows the difference in hardware specification for different models of iCAMView PRO; HCV74 and HCV91. 


Comparison between HCV73 and HCV91
Details Specification Specification
Product Name iCAMView Plus iCAMView Plus
Model No. iCV-22 iCV-32
Hardware Version HCV73 HCV91
Firmware Version v2.5x v3.xx
CPU 50MHz 32Bit 180MHz 32Bit
Flash Memory 2MB 4MB
LAN interface 10M/100M UTP 10M/100M UTP
USB Port 2 or more with USB HUB 2 or more with USB HUB
RS232 port n/a 1
Supported Camera Chip ViMicro (ZC0301P/L/PL/PLH)

ViMicro (ZC0301P/L/PL/PLH; ZC0323)

Sonix (SN9C105)

UVC (selected firmware)

Supported Camera Sensor

Micron (PB0330)

Hynix (7131R)

TASC (Tas5130)

Micron (PB0330, MT9M112)

Hynix (7131E/R )

TASC (Tas5130)

LED 4 2
LCD dimension 26 x 21mm 29 x 22mm
Hardware reset n/a

Pin hole at bottom

Device Size 48 x 63 x 21mm 50 x 64 x 24mm

160 x 120 (QQVGA)

176 x 144 (QCIF)

320 x 240 (QVGA)

352 x 288 (CIF)

640 x 480 (VGA)

160 x 120 (QQVGA)

176 x 144 (QCIF)

320 x 240 (QVGA)

352 x 288 (CIF)

640 x 480 (VGA)

1280 x 1024 (SXGA) with model CM-51 camera

Use with add-on device to allow:- n/a  
a. Wireless access -- Support 802.11 b/g dongle
b. Storage as DVR --

Record video to USB storage

(flash disk 2.5" or 3.5" external USB HDD, iPod)

c. NetFeeler Mini -- for temperature, humidity, RF smoke / door sensor.



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